Colour Correction

What is colour correction and how is that useful?

Precious moments captured in a camera are your priceless treasures. Whenever you want to go down to memory lane you can re-live those moments through these photographs. But sometimes these photographs do not come out as expected due to bad lighting or poor handling of the camera.

Old photographs might become yellow and crinkly with the passage of time. Every one of us has such photographs in our albums which require color correction that can restore these treasured photographs to its full value. Color correction ensures that your images get the light balance and adjusted to the correct tonal range.

How we do it?

At Clearclipping we understand that not everyone has the same taste, so why should you limit yourself in only one possibility while there is no limit to the variations.

Our well knowledgeable and experienced professionals offer you unmatched color correction that not only enhances the image but give its new dimensions as well.

Photo Color Correction service offered by the Clearclipping includes:-

  • Adjusting the sharpness of the image
  • Adjusting the brightness/contrast of the image
  • Converting black & white images to colored or vice versa
  • Adjusting the color balance hues
  • Adding motion effect
  • Adjusting the color tones
  • Add and removal of backgrounds
  • Adjusting the white balance
  • Improving the skin texture
  • Change in eye color
  • Adding sun-tan effects
  • Improving the skin textures and brightening smiles
  • Adding glass/matte finishes
  • Adding highlights and shadows

How to get Started?

So why to wait! Customize your images according to your style and taste. We keep your style consistent and provide you with processed JPG images, or XMP files with your correction.

It is a one-stop shop for all your photo correction needs. No matter what ever your photo requirements are we can help you to meet them.










Multiple File Delivery

We accept and deliver files in multiple file formats with no extra charges at all.

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