Cropping / Positioning

What do we mean by Cropping or Positioning?

Now a day every business needs quality photos to enhance their business and make their presence felt among the competitions. Cropping is one of the most used techniques in photo editing services. It is the process of removing the portions of a photo to make it more focused or to strengthen the composition.

But image cropping or positioning is not as straightforward as it seems because it is not always easy to crop the image especially when you want to eliminate the distorted elements from the snapshot or increase dimensions of the image to make it suitable for your website or for other purposes. Cropping is done according to some guidelines to create the visual impact and composition of images not to distort the actual quality of the image.

How can simple Cropping and Positioning can help images look visually better?

Some reasons to do the cropping are:-

Improve the overall composition of the image
Focus on the main subject
Remove the elements which are distracting
Change the orientation
To change the aspect ratio
Zoom in on a subject
To show a different perspective
Removing unused space

How can this service help you?

Cropping is used in almost all the industries like printing, graphic design, and photography. Images are cropped to improve their overall composition and to magnify the primary subject in the image. At Clearclipping our team of dedicated professionals is well capable of cropping and positioning of images in appropriate sizes so that when you upload them on your respective websites or print on the paper, they will create a great impact. Our professional image cropping service can leave you with a picture that can do wonders for you.

Regardless of the complexity of image our talented team of professionals can get you the right picture, delivered well on time at the best prices.










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