Invisible Mannequin

What is ghost / invisible mannequin?

Ghost Mannequin photo editing service set up your business apart from your competitors. This effect gives the product a dimension and shows its parts that would otherwise be obscured by a mannequin or a model in a single shot.

The e-commerce industry is one of the fastest growing sectors and ghost mannequin is an easy way to give your e-commerce store a professional touch and provide the customers to visualize the product with complete details in their minds. Generally, this effect is used to keep the 3D shape of clothing without including a visible mannequin in the photo.

Where it is used?

Many fashion brands and online apparel selling stores are best examples that use the effectively invisible mannequin which makes images look absolutely fabulous.

Converting the regular photos into ghost invisible mannequin requires a proper attention and in-depth knowledge of online tools so that you can get an effective as well as stunning image.

How we do it?

We at Clearclipping have a team of professionals who are very much experienced and equipped with all the latest tools and techniques to facilitate you to show your apparel products with correct color, fabric, design, texture, shape and flattering accessories to look spectacular.

Our Ghost mannequin photo editing service helps you:-

Enhancing the colors of clothes
Combing the front and back garment shots
Highlighting the style, texture, and design
Fine tuning the contrast and brightness
To Make the image look flawless and ensure its beauty

How we can serve you with ghost mannequin services?

At Clearclipping, we customize our services according to your needs and requirements.

You can surely get the benefits from our amazing mannequin services to make your pictures look exclusive and stylish.
So why to wait just call us now to get flawless and naturally beautiful images without affecting the actual fabric and colors.










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