How Better Images Can Boost Your Profits

Ever since the camera was invented, moments, faces, and landscapes have been immortalized on film. However, with the increasing popularity of digital media, we can now see billions of images online as well. The trend of posting images online is increasing, not only on social media, but on blogs and other websites as well. Images are gaining popularity with blog and website owners for a good reason: an image can increase a website’s rates of conversion by up to 90%. Why? Because it’s much easier to see and analyze an image than a paragraph of text.

The internet is no longer a predominantly text-based medium. Over the past few years, the internet has slowly shifted towards a more media-friendly place. The options to insert different images and create interactive content has never been so numerous. However, not a lot of business and website owners are aware of this. There are still many websites which are text-oriented. Not only are those website losing customers, but they’re also hindering their own profits. Research has shown that visitors tend to convert more often when they’re either greeted by an image, or the information they’re looking for is emphasized through an image.]

It’s not a secret that people are in love with images.However, not all images are made equal. There are various aspects that you need to consider before choosing the right images for your pages. Most importantly, the images need to be of the highest possible quality.

which provides services for companies activating in various industries. Regardless of the domain your business is operating in, we can help you create, edit, or choose images that will perfectly suit you and your company’s needs. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that not everyone has a high-speed internet connection. This may not mean anything to you, but it does to both your customers and Google. The speed at which your website loads is taken into account when ranking it in the search results. High-quality images do not necessarily mean larger sizes. Therefore, compression should be used as often as possible, as long as the quality of the images is retained.

Choosing the right image is a big step forward. Moreover, our company can help you edit it further, in order to provide a better customer satisfaction. Various studies have shown that while image quality is of utmost importance, it’s not the only aspect that needs to be considered. Relevant images are shown to increase the conversion rates of websites by more than 40%. How? Simple. People are more interested in seeing an image that’s directly related to the content, rather than a stock image.

Creating a balance between your text and your images is a must in order to increase your conversion rates, and thus your profits. Our experts can assist you in the process of creating or editing the Perfect Image for Your Business.

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